VISION: “To become Regional Centre of Excellence in Medical care and Research”.

MOTTO: “Research for better Health and Prosperity”.


  1. To promote the establishment of an essential health care system that is: universally available to individuals and families within the community; uses scientifically sound and socially acceptable methods; is preventive, curative and rehabilitative; affordable by the communities and designed within the context of the overall social economic development of the community and addressing the following among others: Health education, nutrition/food security, maternal and child health including family planning and immunization, prevention and control of endemic diseases especially malaria, TB, STDs, HIV and AIDS as well as appropriate research and vital statistics.
  2. To sustain human life and development through provision of quality, comprehensive, holistic, integrated and sustainable medical care for sick persons regardless of ethnic origin, social status, religious or political affiliation.
  3. To promote access to appropriate health care for the weakest social groups, like the women, children, elderly, people in destitute financial conditions, and people affected by chronic diseases including HIV/AIDS and Cancer.
  4. To provide for “One Stop Modern Diagnostic facility” for common medical conditions.
  5. To promote regular medical check-ups and early treatment seeking behavior
  6. To conduct scientific research into infectious diseases and other health conditions afflicting mankind and causing ill-health.
  7. To promote research into and utilization of efficacious herbal medications and appropriate complementary medicine with the aim of seeking alternative solutions to contemporary health care challenges.
  8. To promote micro-health insurance schemes or other alternative health financing/health prepayment mechanisms aimed at increasing access to affordable quality health care.
  9. To enhance human development through the advancement of knowledge and provision of appropriate skills through offering of training facilities for health workers and other related human resource.
  10. To promote information, communication and technology access and applications.