Partners PrEP study. A randomized trial of TDF and Emtricitabine (FCT)/TDF PrEP for HIV prevention (2007-2013). Support from the University of Washington

Partners demonstration project– Integrated delivery of PrEP and ART for elimination of HIV transmission in African HIV Sero-discordant couples (2013-2016) Sponsored by the University of Washington

Adherence study. (MEMS)Fertility study. Determinants of fertility intentions among HIV Discordant couples in rural Uganda.

META Study. Examining HIV treatment adherence during early disease (2014-2017)

Linkage study. The purpose of this study was to determine efficient, scalable, evidence-based strategies to link HIV positive individuals to care and HIV negative individuals to prevention measures, such as voluntary male circumcision.

Do ART Study. Is a prospective randomized study of strategies to optimize community-based ART initiation, monitoring and resupply among HIV-positive persons. The investigators work closely with community members, stakeholders, local providers, and the local Department of Health to integrate the community-based ART delivery with HIV clinics, pharmacies and labs.