KCRC Pharmacy Department:

Mr. Kwarija Nicholas, KCRC Lead Pharmacist
The KCRC pharmacy department is charged with the roles of compounding and dispensing medications, and providing drug information. KCRC has Pharmacists who are experts on drug therapy and are the primary health professionals who optimize medication use to provide clients with positive health outcomes.

Headed by the Lead Pharmacist, the KCRC Pharmacy is made up of five pharmacists and Pharmacy technicians. The Lead pharmacist Mr. Kwarija Nicholas holds a Bachelors in Pharmacy from Kampala International University; he has undertaken various short courses on research with over five years experience in handling antiretroviral drugs in HIV/AIDS (ART) programs. He has been working with KCRC ART program since September, 2005 and has been trained in drug management, procurement, storage, use of drug tracking software which KCRC uses to track kdrug inventory and dispense drugs to clients.

The vision of the KCRC Pharmacy is to render quality, efficient, and professional pharmaceutical services to our clients. The department ensures the realization of this vision by:
  • Constant availability of quality, cost effective drugs
  • Adherence to good professional practice
  • Professional approach in sourcing our medicines with no compromise on the quality
  • Regular performance analyses
The KCRC pharmacy department is divided into three divisions:
  1. The General Pharmacy: This takes care of our general clients and is located in the KCRC Lower Clinic.
  2. The ART Pharmacy: This holds the stock of ARV drugs dispensed to our clients daily.
  3. Study Pharmacy: This pharmacy is dedicated to research studies conducted at the KCRC, particularly clinical trials evaluating the efficacy and safety of various products. It is in a secure location and fitted with air-conditioning and remote temperature monitoring equipment.
The key roles of the pharmacists are to dispense drugs to patients and study participants and offer counselling to these people with regard to drug use. They are also charged with the dissemination of drug information to other KCRC personnel through weekly Continuos Medical Education sessions (CMEs) held at the center.

Drug Use Information:
Drug information is provided to all clients using information booklets, brochures, and posters in the pharmacy. image