KCRC Anti Retroviral Therapy (ART) Program:


In September 2005, KCRC started an Anti Retroviral Treatment Clinic supported by AIDSRelief consortium members to provide care and restore hope among the HIV/AIDS infected people in the region. This program provides free care to all enrolled HIV/AIDS patients and has so far enrolled 1500 clients on ART with more than 3000 clients in general care.

Achievements in the ART Program

  1. Enrollment of many patients both in general care and ART. The foundation centres have the largest numbers of patients in the District.
  2. Equipment at the centres like Chemistry CD4 at KCRC, X-ray machine among others.These have greatly improved the quality of care and diagnosis for our patients.
  3. Recruitment of qualified and enough staff at the centres. The ART program has greatly improved the staffing levels at the two centres
  4. Community outreaches and home visits to ART patients have greatly improved adherence levels to above 95%.
  5. The centres have established satellite clinic in far areas like Mitooma in Ruhinda, Mabaare in Kigarama, and Katunguru in Bunyaruguru to ease treatment access to patients.

Challenges of the ART Program

  1. Inadequate transport means, currently one vehicle runs two centres and this is abit unreliable where the two centres have high community demands.
  2. There is a challenge of medical staff turn over.
  3. The need to provide more benefits that are not provided for by the ART program remains a challenge like accommodation.meals and transport.